Sustainable Seafood Fund

Structured interventions toward an agreed international standard are the seafood industry’s primary tool for transitioning fisheries towards sustainability. However, despite growing funding and engagement for these interventions, we need to do more. Biologically unsustainable fishing has continuously increased over the past half century; close to 34% of fisheries are fished beyond biologically sustainable levels and many more lack basic aspects of sustainable management.

sustainable seadfood fund

The Sustainable Seafood Fund

Wilderness Markets has been at the forefront in developing a rigorous global approach to financing fisheries sustainability. To support this effort, we are now developing the Sustainable Seafood Fund (SSF), in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The SSF is a pioneering blue finance impact investment vehicle to overcome significant implementation and funding hurdles to sustainable fisheries. By providing a scalable, self replenishable funding platform to catalyze improvements at scale, we believe this mechanism can achieve sustained impact.

The SSF approach is based on the business case for seafood companies to invest in the long-term viability of their seafood supplies. This ensures businesses invest in improvement, thereby reducing supply chain volatility and risk, while enhancing business value and protecting reputations.

Under the Fund’s proposed model, industry partners support the improvement of fisheries that supply them through a volume-based fee and investors support improvement through pooling capital in a return-making financing mechanism. Partners then enjoy the long-term, secure supply of sustainably sourced seafood and private capital can finance fisheries improvement at scale.

The SSF provides a much-needed platform to ensure accountability, scale up financing for fisheries recovery, reduce transaction costs and achieve economies of scale while ensuring environmental, social and financial metrics, aligned with SDG 14, are attained.