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Wilderness. The restorative powers of natural wilderness are well documented — whether on land or water. Walking in the woods, hiking a summit, or sailing the high seas — we are psychologically, physically and socially tied to nature.

Yet, we have developed an economy where we simply expect intact habitats to exist for their own sake and ascribe no value to them. Unless of course, we can extract value at no cost to the extractor. With few exceptions, such as tourism, we have few opportunities to monetarily value the habitat unless someone finds an extractable resource. At which point, it’s too late.

That’s why we founded Wilderness Markets. We believe intact habitats should exist and should be valued appropriately. Markets exist for both the ecosystem and for the products they can provide without destroying these habitats. Our role is to:

  • provide access to markets
  • provide access to best practices
  • provide access to capital

Our experience spans both terrestrial and marine environments in Africa, Latin and Central America and the United States. Focus sectors include agri-business, tourism, and fisheries.

Neel Inamdar

Neel Inamdar

Neel has extensive experience with assessing, developing and implementing financial solutions to environmental and sustainable resource utilization challenges. These include successfully developing and implementing investments in a range of sectors and geographies, from fisheries in Kenya and Mexico, to agricultural commodities in Latin America, Africa and Madagascar. In each case, Neel led a focused, value chain driven approach to identify conservation and sustainability focused opportunities and constraints for investment in small and medium sized businesses. This resulted in the successful development of financial investments totaling over $23 million in a range of sectors and SMEs.

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