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Characteristics of Successful Sustainable Fishery Initiatives

September 2019 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, California Fisheries, Finance, Long-Term View, Market Research, Tuna, VCA

Over the past six years, Wilderness Markets has assessed sustainable fisheries investment opportunities in more than fifteen different wild capture fisheries worldwide. Our specific objective is defining how to make

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Is Losing the Amazon Inevitable?

August 2019 | Posted in: Finance, Long-Term View, Market Research

As the Amazon burns, and the world responds, this might be a good time to reflect on some of the key drivers of this tragedy.

Three major trends have combined

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Fisheries Improvements & Social Impacts

August 2019 | Posted in: Finance, Long-Term View

Many years ago, when I was a hotel manager at a resort in a national marine park, I was roundly castigated for employing poachers as guards and fishermen as boat

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June 2019 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, Finance, Long-Term View, Market Research

Wilderness Markets’ goal with lead firm projects is to attract private, return-seeking impact investment and complement ongoing work by fishery managers and NGOs to improve fisheries.

IPBES global report: Species extinction rate is accelerating

May 2019 | Posted in: Market Research

This recently released report makes for sobering reading for all.

One of the key challenges we will all face is how to address the challenge of climate change, environmental

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Blue Star Foods initiative shows 3BL efforts work

January 2019 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, Finance, Long-Term View, VCA

BSC fisherman with new vessel tracking device

Blue Star Foods, the Miami, Florida based seafood specialist, is proving that it is possible to have a sustainable

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Dr. Richard Leakey – Presentation on Conservation

June 2018 | Posted in: Market Research

Dr. Richard Leakey recently presented some thoughts on conservation in Cape Town at the 2017 Conservation Lab.

He made some excellent comments regarding the current and future challenges of conservation

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Investing for Sustainable Fisheries Needs Funding for Capacity Building

May 2018 | Posted in: Long-Term View

Impact investors are ready to invest increasing amounts of impact capital in sustainable fisheries; what’s missing are  profitable businesses and organizations with the capacity to accept investment. These profitable “investible

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Is this what success looks like?

May 2018 | Posted in: Long-Term View

An ongoing discussion between people in the conservation finance community is how we define success.

Reviewing the data – which we like to do (see below) – does not demonstrate much

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Marine Heat Waves More Common and Lasting Longer Globally

May 2018 | Posted in: Long-Term View

A study done by the Marine Heatwaves International Working Group showed that there has been a 54% increase globally in the number of “marine heat wave days” per year

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