Wilderness Markets works with Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations that wish to assess the potential for long-term triple-bottom line sustainability using a value chain approach to identify and prioritize opportunities. Through our data driven approach, we help equip our clients with the structure to integrate conservation, climate resilience and sustainable finance into their strategic plans.

  • Facilitate public-private partnerships
  • Conduct options assessment
  • Prioritize transaction tools
  • Create sustainable finance strategy

Projects & Publications

Development of a Sustainable Fisheries Financing Vehicle (2019-2021)

West Coast Groundfish Regional Market Demand and Opportunities

Developing a microfinance facility through a company in Indonesia

World Bank: Impact Investment Framework Development & Sustainable Fisheries Investment Facility
report not publicly available at this time

Meridian: Transitioning to Sustainable Fisheries Finance in Indonesia
report not publicly available at this time

Connecting the Dots: Linking Sustainable Wild Capture Fisheries Initiatives and Impact Investors

Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Value Chain Summary

West Coast Groundfish in California Value Chain Assessment

Indonesia Sustainable Fisheries Value Chain Assessments

Building a Sustainable Value Chain for New England Groundfish