Just Released: Sustainable Fisheries Fund for the Western Central Atlantic Report

In 2016, the Western Central Atlantic Fisheries Commission (WECAFC) agreed to start the process toward transitioning into a regional fisheries management organization (RFMO). Some members showed interest in mobilizing additional resources to support the work of the future RFMO, and particularly facilitate recommendations for fisheries management from the private sector. While in this transition process, […]

Blue Star Foods initiative shows 3BL efforts work

Blue Star Foods, the Miami, Florida based seafood specialist, is proving that it is possible to have a sustainable and profitable business in the seafood industry. The title of a recent article posted on Under Current News sums it up: Blue Star Foods’ founder sees ‘3BL’ effort resonating more with crab buyers. In 2015, Blue […]

Just Released: Commodity Sector Activation White Paper

Changing Tastes and Wilderness Markets have just released the white paper “Commodity Sector Activation Strategies and Recommendations for the West Coast Groundfishery.”

Building Sustainable Fisheries Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean

We’re working on behalf of Conservation International to support the business case development efforts in the Caribbean led by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Wilderness Markets and others are assessing the potential opportunities for investing to improve the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of fisheries in the region.  Potential sustainable fisheries investment opportunities have been identified in […]

Dr. Richard Leakey – Presentation on Conservation

Dr. Richard Leakey recently presented some thoughts on conservation in Cape Town at the 2017 Conservation Lab. He made some excellent comments regarding the current and future challenges of conservation in the age of climate change, population growth and prosperity that need to be incorporated into many Conservation NGO strategies and agendas (particularly in fisheries). […]

Investing for Sustainable Fisheries Needs Funding for Capacity Building

Impact investors are ready to invest increasing amounts of impact capital in sustainable fisheries; what’s missing are  profitable businesses and organizations with the capacity to accept investment. These profitable “investible entities” aren’t emerging apace because the entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop their business capacity is lagging.

Is this what success looks like?

An ongoing discussion between people in the conservation finance community is how we define success. Reviewing the data – which we like to do (see below) – does not demonstrate much success in addressing species or biodiversity loss. Perhaps it is time for a review of what has really worked in the conservation finance. Not […]

Marine Heat Waves More Common and Lasting Longer Globally

A study done by the Marine Heatwaves International Working Group showed that there has been a 54% increase globally in the number of “marine heat wave days” per year since 1925.[1] Published in the Nature Communications journal and cited in News Deeply recently[2], the study cited the warm zone off the Western Australian coast in […]

Climate Change Stresses Clownfish

Rising ocean temperatures are causing significant changes with devastating impact on the ecosystem. Worldwide, the warmer and more acidic ocean conditions in the tropics have caused mass bleaching of anemones and corals[1]. A new study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B supports findings from another recent study in the journal, Nature, that […]

Improve Data to Improve Sustainability

Not finding a suitable existing program, Blue Star Foods decided to develop their own application to gather data tied to their marketing goals and objectives around supply chain integrity. The SIMP and EU CD data requirements were integrated into the data collection system. Wilderness Markets worked closely with an app-development team to develop an Android and iOS application and support the field trials. After the initial field trials, the system was deployed to in-house teams from Blue Star Foods Indonesian partners, consisting of procurement and quality control specialist