Wilderness Markets has extensive experience working with stakeholders in Indonesia. Focused primarily in fisheries, we have completed a series of in depth value chain assessments for tuna, snapper and Blue Swimming Crab from a sustainability and impact investment perspective.

More recently we have worked closely with participants in the Blue Swimming Crab industry, fishermen, local leadership and local investors to define and develop a culturally relevant sustainable fisheries investment model. The goal of this model is to improve the long term sustainability of the fishery while also aligning and improving the economic incentives for all value chain participants.


Packard Foundation

Development of a lead firm strategy for the blue swimming crab fishery in Indonesia: Building on the extensive value chain analysis undertaken to date, Wilderness Markets is working with industry leaders to develop the relevant lead firm strategies associated with sustainable resource management, as well as the relevant financial models.

Value Chain Analysis: Previous work with the Packard Foundation includes a series of five value chain analyses of a multi-species fishery in the Sea of Cortez region; blue swimming crab, snapper and grouper yellowfin and skipjack tuna value chains in Indonesia; and the West Coast Groundfish fishery with a focus on California.

Meridian Institute

Integrating Sustainability and Stock Health Criteria into Investment Risk Assessments in Indonesia Capture Fisheries: With input from the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs, the National Bank Regulator (OJK) as well as the banking sector, industry, potential investors, and NGOs, Wilderness Markets conducted planning and feedback meetings to develop and build awareness of the need to integrate stock health metrics into risk assessment protocols. These requirements and framework were designed to promote improvements in the ecosystem and facilitate private investment.