United States

Current Projects:

California Pilot Project: This recently concluded project aimed to raise commercial buyers’ and suppliers’ awareness of U.S. West Coast Groundfish as a domestic, sustainable source of whitefish and prove that these fisheries can provide a reliable supply of local fish. As a result, it helped establish new markets and demonstrate the benefits and availability of West Coast groundfish to other buyers and suppliers.


Packard Foundation

Value Chain Analysis: Previous work with the Packard Foundation includes a series of five value chain analyses of a multi-species fishery in the Sea of Cortez region; blue swimming crab, snapper and grouper yellowfin and skipjack tuna value chains in Indonesia; and the West Coast Groundfish fishery with a focus on California.

Ocean Conservancy

Factors Influencing Fisher and First Receiver Relationships: To guide modelling parameters for the West Coast Groundfish fishery in Oregon, Washington and California, Wilderness Markets provided data and information about fishing operations and first receivers. We focused on interpreting the data based on factors that influence fisher’s decisions about when, where, what and how to fish and sell their catch.


California Pilot Project

West Coast Groundfish Pilot Project User Guide & Lessons Learned

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