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  1. Giuseppe pennisi
    Giuseppe pennisi says:

    Why is anyone concerned about eating local fres fish from California. They get all the fish they need from foreign countries. Farmed fish rules the fish counters. When I bring in a load of fresh fish from the deep water canyons ,off the coast of central calif. No one even wants them . People walking by , observing the off load have no idea what these fish are.they have never seen them before. Here’s the best part , I have to pay eight percent off the top to the government. Then I have to pay a few thousand to the observers. It coast me about 5,000.00 dollars each fishing trip to go out. Noaa is doing such a lousy job managing this whole fishery that everyone is not making any money. Thank your government for those farm fish.the chances of every having fresh local seafood is just about gone.
    P. S .
    Thank Sam farr and the rest of your congressmen , for there amazing nonsupport

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