For Impact Investors and Funds

Wilderness Markets works with impact investors, fund promoters and fund managers in conservation finance to identify investment opportunities, quantify market size and impact and assess investment risk effectively.

Having worked extensively in tourism and hospitality, agricultural and terrestrial value chains, seafood and fisheries with a focus on conservation finance, we have extensive experience in assessing pipeline opportunities, risks and relevant investment strategies to optimize impact. Our team understands the cultural, social and business context of impact investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America having invested, or supported investments, in those geographies.

  • During the fund development phase, we use a data driven approach to develop, quantify and assess potential pipeline opportunities and risks.
  • Once a facility has been developed and designed, we are able to support fund management by cost effectively identifying pipeline opportunities and addressing the due diligence requirements.

We support the development of appropriate impact investment opportunities, primarily in sustainable marine fisheries. As a project developer, Wilderness Markets understands that one of the greatest challenges investors face in choosing impact investment opportunities is a clear understanding of the risks and financial outcomes. Properly structured businesses that balance conservation with economic development can increase investor profits and ensure the sustainability of our valuable natural resources.

Working with Wilderness Markets: We use a data-driven approach to assess and price the risks and opportunities associated with building sustainable fisheries or agri-business finance options. Through our process, we will develop robust finance criteria that integrate external factors such as ecosystem health and stock health considerations into investments in sustainable fisheries and agriculture.

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