Wilderness Market Issues RFP for West Coast Groundfish in California Market Research

Wilderness Markets invites eligible market research firms to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) intended to develop and improve end market research of the recovered West Coast ground fish fishery in California. The ultimate goal of the research is to improve the economic value of products from this fishery.

With a specific focus on the California ITQ ground fish fishery, the selected firm will be expected to identify and quantify the current key channels of distribution for fishery products by species, and provide insight and recommendations into optimum channels of distribution based on product and species. The nature of this market means that primary research is anticipated.

This research is intended to provide current and new market participants, as well as potential investors, with the needed quantifiable data related to opportunities in the groundfish market in order to make sound investment decisions.

Firms are requested to submit their proposals, detailing their technical approach, timeline and budget based on the RFP by December 18, 2015. Following a selection process, the successful firm is expected to present results by the middle of April 2016.

This work is being developed and implemented with the support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.


Participation in this RFP does not constitute an agreement or award, nor does it obligate the organizers to award a contract or to engage any party. The organizers reserve the right to change, modify or cancel this RFP at any time prior to a contract award.

Download the RFP

Wilderness Markets West Coast CA Groundfish Market Research RFP Updated Dec 8 2015 circ