Value Rescue in Fisheries

Do you know of fisheries that have considered or implemented Value Rescue?


Your knowledge can help others scale fisheries’ enterprises with positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

We are researching fishing groups, including businesses, associations, co-operatives and similar entities that have tried improving the value of their catch or production while also improving their social and/or environmental performance.

We are conducting case studies to characterize these interventions and then develop best practice manuals and other materials that can be shared to create a community of practice and scale implementation of the value rescue methodology around the world.

You can play a role by submitting basic information (location, contact information, intervention, etc.) that we can follow-up for additional research. Click here to begin the 15-minute survey.

What is Value Rescue in Seafood:

a process to improve the social and environmental performance of sustainable fisheries through improved financial incentives, product differentiation and market segmentation

Key components:

  • Enhancing social cohesiveness and decision making around resource management
  • Community based management of sustainable fisheries
  • Culturally appropriate business decision making
  • Product differentiation to secure market access and pricing advantages tied to mission


We’ll be closing the survey on July 31. Contact Jada at jada (at) if you encounter any problems submitting your reply or have questions.