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A “Second Notice” to Humanity

November 2017 | Posted in: Market Research

Over 15,000 scientists from around the world have issued a somber notice to humanity. As they state:

“Humanity has failed to make sufficient progress in generally solving these foreseen environmental challenges,

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How to Develop Impact Investment Opportunities in Sustainable Fisheries

October 2017 | Posted in: Long-Term View

This paper provides an overview of (i) the key concerns that impact investors may have when considering the financing of sustainable fisheries, and (ii) potential approaches for public-private partnerships to overcome these obstacles.

Leverage the Middle for Improved Fishery Management and Revenue

September 2017 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, Indonesia, Market Research

The New Middleman: Service Provider and Quality Assure

“Middle man — the very term itself is associated with extra hoops to jump through, farmers being cheated, and limited value being offered

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The Wild Blue Crab Investment Model – a case study

August 2017 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, Finance, Indonesia, Market Research

Industry stakeholders understand that overfishing undercuts long-term value and prevents realization of full economic potential in local communities. The question is, what to do about it? Wilderness Markets and Blue

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Projected change in global fisheries revenues under climate change

July 2017 | Posted in: Long-Term View, Snapper

A recent paper (September 2016) in the scientific journal of the National Institutes of Health exploring the implications of climate change on global fisheries revenues provides some sober reading.

The report

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Coral Reefs and Ocean Health

July 2017 | Posted in: Long-Term View, Market Research

Every so often, we run across reports that force us to stop and question our assumptions. Recent papers on global warming and the impact on oceans is a topic we

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Sustainable Fisheries – the role of the fishermen

June 2017 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, California Fisheries, Finance, Indonesia, Market Research

Significant attention is being paid to the oceans. Between the UN Oceans Conference as the recent Economist leader, attention is (finally!) being given to the significant and numerous

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Lessons Learned – Indonesia’s Blue Swimming Crab Fishery

May 2017 | Posted in: Market Research

Wilderness Markets has recently completed a “lessons learned” document regarding our experiences working with a lead firm in Indonesia to develop and implement sustainable fisheries practices for the Blue Swimming

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How Crabs, Fishermen, and Bankers Benefit from Better Data in Indonesia

May 2017 | Posted in: Blue Swimming Crab, Finance, Indonesia, Market Research

In our previous post, we discussed why we and others have concluded that good data is crucial to fisheries management and investment decisions. This post dives deeper into our

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How Poor Data is Holding Back Fisheries Reform AND Impact Investors

April 2017 | Posted in: Finance, Long-Term View, Market Research, VCA

The Problem(s)

Poor management of fisheries is calculated to result in losses of USD $83 billion to the world economy each year. As cited in many other fisheries papers, data indicates

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