Just Released: Sustainable Fisheries Fund for the Western Central Atlantic Report

February 2019 | Posted in:

In 2016, the Western Central Atlantic Fisheries Commission (WECAFC) agreed to start the process toward transitioning into a regional fisheries management organization (RFMO). Some members showed interest in

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Just Released: Commodity Sector Activation White Paper

October 2018 | Posted in:

Changing Tastes and Wilderness Markets have just released the white paper “Commodity Sector Activation Strategies and Recommendations for the West Coast Groundfishery.”

Building Sustainable Fisheries Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean

September 2018 | Posted in:

We’re working on behalf of Conservation International to support the business case development efforts in the Caribbean led by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Wilderness Markets and others

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Just Relased: Capitalizing Conservation Report

November 2017 | Posted in:

From Clarmondial: “Clarmondial and the WWF Landscape Finance Lab have produced “Capitalising Conservation”, a new report exploring how conservation organisations and their partners can mobilise private investment in conservation.”

Implementing a Lead Firm approach – Lessons Learned – Indonesia Blue Swimming Crab

June 2017 | Posted in: ,

Wilderness Markets has recently completed a “lessons learned” document regarding our experiences working with a lead firm in Indonesia to develop and implement sustainable fisheries practices for the Blue Swimming Crab

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West Coast Groundfish Regional Market Demand and Opportunities

March 2017 | Posted in: ,

Our latest project, West Coast Groundfish Regional Market Demand and Opportunities, explores the market demand for U.S. West Coast groundfish in Oregon, Washington, and California. We examine how much whitefish

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Quick Overviews of Our Approach & Work

March 2017 | Posted in: ,

We recently completed a series of quick one-page documents explaining our overall approach to fisheries value chain investment development, our recent work, and a general overview of our team. Did

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Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Value Chain Summary

January 2016 | Posted in:

Wilderness Markets is pleased to share our recently completed summary report on the Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab.

Our report takes a detailed look at the following components:

Can the Indonesian

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West Coast Groundfish in California Value Chain Assessment

December 2015 | Posted in:

Wilderness Markets is pleased to announce the release of our summary findings of a value chain analysis of the West Coast Groundfish fishery in California.

Building off our analysis in

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Indonesia Sustainable Fisheries Value Chain Assessments

November 2015 | Posted in:

We are pleased to announce the release of our Indonesia Sustainable Fisheries Value Chain Assessment Synthesis report.

Based on field based assessments of the Blue Swimming Crab, Snapper and Tuna

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