California Pilot Project

We’ve been involved with U.S. West Coast Groundfish since 2015, when we completed an initial, California-focused, value chain assessment of the fishery.

Our current work focused on facilitating a 90-day pilot with an institutional food service buyer in California, aimed to raise commercial buyers’ and suppliers’ awareness of U.S. West Coast Groundfish as a domestic, sustainable source of whitefish and prove that these fisheries can provide a reliable supply of local fish. As a result, it helped establish new markets and demonstrate the benefits and availability of West Coast groundfish to other buyers and suppliers. As we’re wrapping up the pilot, we’re putting the final touches on a user guide that can be adapted for use with other projects as well as a lessons learned report to be shared and used as a resource.

About the fish:

Over 90 different species are sustainably and scientifically managed by fishers, scientists, and government through an individual fishing quota.

13 are MSC Certified

21 are rated Green or Yellow (Best Choice and Good Alternative, respectively) by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch 

Our writing on the pilot and the fishery:

User Guide and Lessons Learned, August 2018

Culinary Workshop, November 2017

Pilot Announcement, April 2017

Regional Demand and Opportunities for West Coast Groundfish, April 2017

Key Market Channels, August 2016

Markets for Groundfish in California, Parts 1-4, February 2016

Value Chain Assessment, December 2015

Business Case: The Return of U.S. Flavor to Our Plates, 2018